Good Friday Delights

Good Friday Delights

Psalm 36 seems to be an appropriate read on this Good Friday.   “You give them drink from the river of your delights.”

I reflected on some observations regarding those words.   GOD PROVIDES.  He provides love (Psalm 36:7), protection and refuge (v7b), food of abundance (v8a), light (v9), and drink for the thirst. It is good to be thirsty.  It is good to drink of God’s provision.  It is good to remember on this Good Friday that God provides salvation through the cross.  That is why it is good.  And the good delights of loving provision flow through the cross.

THERE IS A RIVER.  Not a stream.  Not a brook.  Not a pond or slough.  A river flowing with the fresh water of God’s abundant provision….a river that never dries up.

The substance of the river is GOD’S DELIGHTS.  God’s delights are always good delights.   That is a subject worth further study—-what are the delights of God?   That is a good thing to think about.

I need to discover more of God’s delights and drink from that river!   God, help me to do just that.  Make me more thirsty for the things YOU delight in.  Give me pure desires.  Help me to coach others into that river of Your delights.


  1. dear Steve. The river has been a big theme in our walk most of this year. It is always good to hear about your I nsights and “traveling” with the lord news. We are well although Cherie had a lump that had tone removed. It was cancerous. But surrounding tissues were clean and 14 lymphnodes were clean also. Still working through the process. Drop a note and enclose a viable phone number. Blessings to you and Kristi. Jim

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