Listening to the Shepherd

Listening to the Shepherd

I love the transfiguration scene in Matthew 17. While Peter was talking, God spoke, “This is my dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy. Listen to him.” (Matthew 17:5)

God’s voice interrupted Peter’s voice with the encouragement to listen. It is always good when God’s voice interrupts ours. Listening is good.

I am remembering today a very special morning that became a mountaintop experience for me. The voices in my mind were interrupted early that morning, as much as voices exist in my pre-coffee mind. I was headed downstairs toward the coffeepot when it happened. I heard the voice of my best friend, and wondered who she was talking to. Then I realized she was reading the Bible out loud. I just stood in silence, listening, blessed beyond measure, soaking in the beauty of it. It was a tiny glimpse of the interruption Peter was blessed by on the mountain.

When my best friend saw me, she smiled and explained that someone had said, “If you want to hear the audible voice of God, read the Bible out loud.”

So we did some more of that, and listened. What a blessing it is when our voices are in sync with God’s heart, and that happens so wonderfully when we read the Scriptures out loud.

I love reading the Bible out loud and praying into the joy and pleasure of God as I listen for the voice of Jesus my Shepherd. I want to obey that command in Matthew 17:5….. “Listen to HIM.”

• What is God saying to you through His Word these days?
• What are you learning about God as you read the Bible?
• What is the most challenging thing in the Bible for you to listen to?

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