What’s Really the Problem? (John 2:1-5)

What’s Really the Problem? (John 2:1-5)

“The next day there was a wedding celebration in the village of Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there, and Jesus and his disciples were also invited to the celebration. The wine supply ran out during the festivities, so Jesus’ mother told him, ‘They have no more wine.’
‘Dear woman, that’s not our problem,’ Jesus replied. ‘My time has not yet come.’
But his mother told the servants, ‘Do whatever he tells you.'” (John 2:1-5)

We all encounter the need for some level of problem solving. Every day there are decisions that need to be made and issues that need to be attended to.

John 2 isn’t just about problem solving. It is about Jesus doing an amazing miracle. But in that, a big problem is solved.

I take from this passage 4 decision making encouragements:
1. Identify and isolate the real problem. Clarify the real issues. (V3)
2. Present the problem to the right person or people, starting with Jesus. (V3)
3. Wait for God’s timing. (V4)
4. Do right (v5-9). Choose obedience. Take the right steps toward a solution that will glorify God. Something amazing might happen.

That is what happens in John 2. Jesus does a miracle of turning a problem into a real solution, water to wine.

• What problems or challenges are you facing that need to be clarified? What is the real issue?
• What are you taking to Jesus?
• Who else needs to be part of the solution?
• What do you need to do?

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