Walking with God

Walking with God

I have been thinking this week about what it looks like to walk with God through faithful, giving service. These thoughts from Henri Nouwen were very encouraging:

“What, then, is it that we do receive in ministry? Is it the hidden insights and skills of those to whom we want to bear witness? Maybe so, but that can never be the true source of our own growth. Seeing how a person slowly becomes aware of his or her own capacities might make us happy for a while, but that is not enough for a grateful life. A grateful life is a life in which we come to see that the Lord himself is the gift. The mystery of ministry is that the Lord is found where we minister. That is what Jesus tells us when he says: ‘Insofar as you did this to one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it to me’ (Mt. 25:40). Our care for people thus becomes the way to meet the Lord. The more we give, help, support, guide, counsel, and visit, the more we receive, not just similar gifts, but the Lord himself. To go to the poor is to go the Lord. Living this truth in our daily life makes it possible to care for people without conditions, without hesitations, without suspicion, or without the need to immediate rewards. With this sacred knowledge, we can avoid becoming burned out.”

(Henri Nouwen, Disciplines for the Inner Life, 1985)

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