God Provides

God Provides

“And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.” ~Philippians 4:19~

I am remembering the day we purchased firewood from a rural man with a very large pile of cut and split wood in his yard. Highway travelers can see the large pile of wood from a distance with the obvious sign announcing firewood for sale.

As I talked with the man while loading up some nicely cured firewood, I was surprised when he said that he heats his home with oil. I found that a bit amusing, having a huge pile of wood just out his back door and he chooses to pay for oil.

I would not accuse him of wasting resources or looking to meet a need by paying for something that is already provided, but it was a reminder that I sometimes do.

Sometimes we try to access a resource from the wrong place or for the wrong reason. We can all make the mistake of providing for a need in our own strength or in our own way. In those moments when we burn the wrong oil, we are missing the abundance of God’s resources in Christ.

We can also be too quick to pay for something God may have wanted to provide in a different way. I have done that. We might even ignite a false fuel that we thought would meet a need or bring satisfaction only to discover the payment plan was not what we expected. Meeting needs outside of God’s provision can be costly.

I have a strong appreciation for the way God provides for our needs. I am continuing to learn that the well of God’s provision in my relationship with Jesus really is filled to overflowing with living water that satisfies our every longing.

His fuel is limitless in supply, and the fires that are ignited in His provision are the passions I desire.

Father, help us to keep our lamps burning by the provision of Your fuel with the passion of Your flame.


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