Psalm 112, Fear AND Delight

Psalm 112, Fear AND Delight

“Praise the Lord! How joyful are those who fear the Lord
And delight in obeying his commands.”
~Psalm 112:1~

Praise. Joy. Praise and joy connected with the delight of obedience AND fear of the Lord. Delight and fear seem like contrasting emotions.

Or, both go together in some powerful way. Maybe the “and” is significant.

Lots of things can produce fear, even good things. Zip-lining, the ascent on a roller coaster before the ride down, parachuting, bungy jumping, scuba diving, public speaking—-all involve some level of fear. But when we take a step forward and overcome fear……there can be a boost of delight.

I mean, sharing faith with a neighbor can be scary, but delightful if I take that step of faith. Going to someone I’ve offended and saying I’m sorry can be frightening, but the pleasure in doing so can be encouraging. Stepping into anything that stretches us out of our comfort zone can be terrifying, but joy is fueled by the thrill of it all.

The main idea of fear in Psalm 112:1 is the fear of God, Who is bigger than all my fears. And add to that the supercharged delight that comes when he empowers us to take that step of faith.

When I scoop up all my fears and realize God is bigger, a healthy fear of Him alone brings joy and delight in the obedience. The question I am asking today—what commands am I afraid to obey that would bring great delight if I were to take that step of faith?

God, help me to find pure delight in the path of obedience.


  1. I really enjoy seeing your message on video rather than simply reading it. We really miss you and Kristi. Please tell her hi and let us know if you ever get back to Council Bluffs for a visit so we can have dinner or something. I hope your son annd family are doing well.
    God Bless,
    Joyce Trafton

  2. Wonderful encouragement. Fear can be overwhelming sometimes.
    Then I remember who my God is!!!!! Please pray as God uses me to organize a prayer conference at HAC October 13th. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. Following His lead. Love you both and miss you.
    In Jesus Name

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