Be Prepared

Be Prepared

So, I made a last minute spontaneous decision to go archery hunting for elk the other day. I hastily threw what I needed into the SUV. My stuff was rather scattered, a survival pack on one shelf, camo clothes in a tub, boots in the corner, bike hanging in the garage, bow hanging on the other side.

An hour later I was at my hunting spot full of anticipation and excitement for the hunt. I changed into my camos, put on my boots, sprayed myself down with scent killer, threw on my backpack, grabbed my bow and….wait….where are my arrows? I left my arrows sitting in a corner of the garage. How was I supposed to harvest and elk without an arrow?

I was prepared for a walk in the woods but totally unprepared for a hunt. That is really bad for an eagle scout who memorized the boy scout motto, be prepared. It was an even more pitiful scenario for a former marine trained for warfare and survival. It was embarrassing as an experienced hunter to be found without arrows.

After the irritation wore off, I wondered what lesson God might have for me in this situation of being unprepared. I thought of the words of Peter in 1 Peter 3:15, “And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready (be prepared) to explain it.”

People around us are hunting and searching, hungry for hope. If someone asks about my hope as a believer, I want to be prepared. How?

Hebrews says that the Bible is alive and powerful, sharper than the sharpest 2 edged sword. I suppose a 2 edged arrow would also be an appropriate picture. I keep the quiver of my heart full and sharp through things like worship, prayer, being in community, reading the Scriptures (not by leaving my Bible in the corner on a shelf).

Jesus help us to keep our quivers full of YOU, sharp with your truth, full of YOUR word, ready to share arrows of truth with those hungry for hope.

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