Burning Rocks

Burning Rocks

We took friends up to Mt. St. Helens recently and went on a trail hike. Along the trail I tripped on a rock and nearly fell off the path. That would have been painful.

I stumbled on a different kind of rock a few days later. Rock solid truth expressed in 1 Kings 18:38, “Immediately the fire of the Lord flashed down from heaven and burned up the young bull, the wood, the stones, and the dust.”

It isn’t surprising or unbelievable that the fire would burn up meat and wood, but rocks and dust?

As I reflected on that, I had a fire-from-heaven moment. Awhile back a person made an unwise choice that brought a lot of pain for me. What they did and said really hurt. I thought I had forgiven that person and moved on and everything was fine. When I read and reflected on 1 Kings 18:38, it’s like God turned up the microscope a bit to show me that the hurt I had buried way down in the corner of my heart had become a stone that I needed to let God take care of. I needed Him to burn it up, melt it, and consume it.

So, I gave it to Him. Forgiveness happened. He has turned the ashes into a crown of beauty. He has empowered greater compassion for that person and burned away the resentment. Freedom.

There are lots of different kinds of rocks. Stones in the heart come in many varieties. Hurts, hangups, habits. There is not one of them that God cannot melt away with his consuming fire.

Thank you, Jesus, for your perfect timing. Thanks for melting rocks that are unnecessary burdens that just weigh us down.


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