Fired Up

Fired Up

“Remember, the fire must be kept burning on the altar at all times.
It must never go out.” ~~Leviticus 6:13

This command of keeping the fire burning is repeated twice in 6:12-13. It must be significant. The priest was to check the fire each morning, adding and arranging firewood and things on it so that the fire never went out.

I’m thinking today about the importance of keeping the fire burning on the altar of my heart.

In Boy Scouts, I learned how to build a campfire pyramid or altar style. It was important to pick the right logs, of proper sizes and kinds of wood. It was equally important to arrange the firewood with the right space between the pieces of wood, breathing room for the fire in between carefully selected fuel.

When I think about the altar of my heart, where I want the fire of God to keep burning, the wood might represent the work I do. I love to work. I enjoy serving. However, logs too big will douse the flames. More activity can mean less impact. Too many logs packed too close together will smother the fire.

The fuel on the fireplace of the heart needs space for the flames to burn.

Without space, the fire will stop burning and I will be lukewarm. With space, God can produce warmth with my life so that others will be drawn to Jesus. Less can become more.

What does the space look like? Getting alone with the Father. Worship. Prayer. Reading His Word and listening for His voice. Solitude. Things Jesus modeled, things that bring passion and fire to our work.

God, help me to create the right space so I can work from a place of rest in you, as you want it to be. Keep the fire burning brightly.

–What logs of activity might you need to shift around or take off the altar of your heart? What work do you need to give away to find more space?


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