Quiet Down

Quiet Down

I was reading in 2 Kings yesterday about Elijah and Elisha. Elijah was about to be taken up into heaven, and the prophets in both Bethel and Jericho told Elisha that. In both cases, Elisha indicated he knew, and said, “Be quiet about it.” For some reason, that hit my funny bone. He “shusssshed” them.

Then I was reading Psalm 62:1, “I wait quietly before God.” That caused me to tune in and reflect on the value of silence, being quiet before God and putting value on being quiet in conversations with people.

Being quiet often means not talking. It could mean keeping quiet about a controversial issue that doesn’t really matter. Just because everyone else is talking about something doesn’t mean I need to.

Being quiet always means keeping confidence and staying quiet about what is not ours to tell.

Being quiet sometimes means letting silence happen. I don’t have to try to improve the beauty of a hushed moment.

It’s learning how to quiet down that I can better quiet up —–and listen to God and His upward call.

Just sayin. Or not.

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