About Alongsider Coaching

About Alongsider Coaching

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The concept of “Alongsider Coaching” arises from Luke 24:15 where Jesus came alongside several people who were on a journey.  He asked questions, listened, shared some truth with them, walked with them, hung out, and ate with them.  Their hearts “burned within them.”  They were encouraged.

That is my desire.  To walk alongside other people and encourage them.  I hope this site helps you to be encouraged to walk alongside other people too!


An excerpt from the introduction of the book, ALONGSIDER COACHING:

When I type the word “alongsider,” it doesn’t pass the spell checker. My processer underlines it with an annoying squiggly red line. It does look a bit odd, but it is not at odds with the Bible and it is not a new concept. Walking alongside others is exemplified and underlined in the Scriptures. My hope is that this book will encourage you to be more intentional about coming  alongside  other  people  to  encourage  them  as  you model Christ-like characteristics.

Coaching is a common term these days. It is a word that describes how Jesus made disciples, walking with people along the journey of life. It is something He invites us to do with others.

Coaching is more of an art than a science. If my goal was to explain all the steps for doing it, alongsider coaching would be less artistic and creative. So, my hope is to create some sparks and offer some catalytic tools to get you going. My desire is to give you some paintbrushes, paint, and techniques that can thrust you into the joy of painting life into another person. That kind of painting puts you in the center of God’s creative activity.

Coaching is a discipline that is challenging to articulate because, by its very nature, coaching is about relationships and walking in journey with others. Relational coaching techniques cannot  be  fully  captured  in  writing,   because life  happens.

That being said, there are some insights and skills which can be cultivated so that when opportunity arises, a life to life alongsider coaching moment can be embraced.

Most of us have experienced the joy of a relationship where we grew because of someone’s influence. Many of us can point to  significant moments  where  someone  we  respected  spoke into our lives or asked a powerful question to help us discover something which launched us into a life-changing decision. People who have been in our lives in that way are a gift and a blessing.

Seasons of significant growth for me have involved people who were willing to come alongside with truth, experience, and encouragement. I look back with gratitude for those who have taken the time to speak the truth in love, asking powerful questions to help me discover God’s will, giving me the gift of a caring ear. This book is written with the hope of inspiring and mobilizing you to become an alongsider coach and walk with a coach, recognizing other people as God’s gift for flexing your relational anti-isolation muscles.

This book is meant to be an encouragement to those interested in coaching and to the many people who pray for and walk alongside others in quiet but meaningful relationships. Many are those who are serving God by walking intentionally alongside other people without a lot of public attention or recognition. That kind of walk honors God and needs to be multiplied.